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Resell my real estate good in Mauritius

You are an owner and you wish to resell an apartment or villa in Mauritius? Discover the expertise of Leading Luxury Home and find a qualified buyer for your property

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How to resell a real estate good in Mauritius ?


The expansion of the real estate market in Mauritius bodes well for sellers. If you are the owner of an old property, the rarity of this kind will work in your favour and will enable you to realise a nice capital gain, without taxation. If you have invested in a new property and especially if you have benefited from an investment plan, you are likely to resell your property to a higher price than what you bought it.

To resell an apartment or a house in Mauritius, it is necessary to have an estimate done by a professional. All the criteria will be sifted through to come up with the most appropriate and the best possible price. Criteria such as interior and exterior aspects, state of the equipment but also the sector and the surroundings are to be taken into account when estimating a property.

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Are real estate sales taxed in Mauritius ?


Unlike many countries, including France, the Mauritian government levies no tax on real estate sales. Wether main or secondary residence or rental investment, profits from the sale of your property in Mauritius are not taxable.

LLH, the reference of real estate in Mauritius


Do not wait any longer, call on a real estate expert in Mauritius to sell your property quickly! Leading Luxury Home provides you with its extended network to all the Mauritian territory to allow you to carry out the sale of your house or apartment … at the best price!

LLH supports you in every step of the resale of your property: from reflection to transaction! Our goal ? Your satisfaction. Our team is at your disposal to guide you throughout your real estate project. Do not hesitate to call us for any inquiries, we will be happy to help you.

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