R+2 condominium apartment

The R+2 is the investment scheme that allows foreigners to buy a condominium apartment in Mauritius.

R+2 in Mauritius


The R+2 is the new real estate investment scheme in force since 2016. The R+2 is a condominium apartment in a building with at least two floors.


Our R+2 apartments

LLH offers R+2 apartments for sale in Mauritius. Discover our exclusive apartments.

How to buy an R+2 good in Mauritius ?

The creation of R+2 has eased the acquisition of real estate in Mauritius. The buyer can obtain a certificate of temporary Mauritian residence (up to 6 months). It can be a very good rental investment. However, the purchase of a R+2 does not allow access to a permanent residence permit or to tax residence in Mauritius.

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