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Become a resident in Mauritius : what you have to know

Want to expatriate to Mauritius? If you are retired or love change of scenery, Mauritius offers an ideal living environment and facilitates the procedures for foreigners who wish to settle there. Some tips to manage the administrative formalities.

Mauritius, a privileged destination for expatriates


Sandy beaches, turquoise water, volcanoes, mountains … Mauritius is one of the favourite destinations for travellers, but also for expatriates from around the world. Its living environment, its landscapes and activities make it an exceptional holiday resort. Divided into 9 districts, Mauritius has focused its policy on openness to foreigners and facilitates the process for retirees, companies or for individuals looking for adventure.

Create your company in Mauritius


Buying a PDS real estate good or creating a company in Mauritius also offer the possibility to access to a resident status. Buying a villa or an apartment whose value is equal or superior to $500’000 allows the buyer and his family (spouse and children) to become residents in Mauritius. Creating a company in Mauritius guaranties to obtain a residence permit for up to 10 years. Your professional activity must be the object of an investment on your part (a minimum of $100’000) and must make a turnover of at least $130’000 a year.

Retire to Mauritius


Obtaining a residence permit allows you to live in Mauritius permanently. Depending on your profile, there are several ways to access Mauritian residency status. To retire to Mauritius is possible. Access conditions for pensioners are facilitated : you must be 50 years old and open a bank account on the island (powered by a minimum income of $ 40’000 a year, or € 34 000, perceived outside of Mauritius). A 3 year temporary residence permit is issued at first and will then in time be converted into a permanent residence permit in Mauritius. The spouse of the pensioner is also eligible for Mauritian residency status.

Real estate development

Discover the luxury villas Osiris

Find accomodation in Mauritius


Real estate ads are numerous in Mauritius ! From Grand Baie to Bel Ombre, many real estate programs are being developed, offering goods with exceptional services. Villas, apartments, with see view or neighbouring mountains, no doubt there is a home that meets your envies. For sale or for rent find your happiness in browsing our listings in Mauritius.

Taxation system in Mauritius


One of Mauritius’ specificity is its tax regime. Mauritian residents are subject to only one tax, an income tax. Much more advantageous than in most countries, it is set to 15% and is not supplemented by any additional fee or tax, not even a succession tax.

LLH helps you settle in Mauritius


Are you lost with the procedures ? Leading Luxury Home is guiding you step by step throughout your settlement ! Researching or acquiring a home, looking for information regarding taxation system, LLH is supporting you in order to make your settlement in Mauritius a success.

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