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“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Albert Einstein.
Our expertise: We support you in all phases of your real estate investment project in Mauritius.
You will have access to high end projects and properties of the real estate market. Access new markets. Export your investments.
Investing in Mauritius offers various advantages. This little paradise is attracting more and more real estate investors. It is a wise choice to buy property in Mauritius to build wealth, to diversify your property investments or to establish your tax residence.
Indeed, the Mauritian real estate market is a young and dynamic market which offers a large number of investment opportunities.

With LLH, secure investments and a trustful relationship

Specialized in high-end real estate investments in Mauritius, Leading Luxury Home opens its doors to international clients willing to invest on the island.
We accompany you through all stages of acquisition, sale and purchase processes. Investing internationally is not easy. In fact, customers can be unfamiliar with the local markets in which they wish to invest.
By choosing LLH, you will be surrounded by an entire team of experts who will advise you on your investments, choose with you the property that corresponds to your criteria, help you with all the administrative and tax procedures, monitor the construction works, handle the rental management as well as the resale of properties. A team that will also deal with all local business partners. A team that can make your investment experience 100% enjoyable.

A human, honest and visionary support

Thanks to our French and Mauritian experience and expertise, our knowledge of the field as well as our network of local and international partners, we can confidently accompany you. We place the success of our clients’ investments at the heart of our objectives.
Below are the steps:
We first get to know you and together we define your goals and objectives.
We then search for a unique property that would meet your requirements.
We support you with all administrative procedures and other formalities.
We monitor the construction works from beginning to end.
We take care of finding suitable tenants and handle the rental management of your property.
We can also take care of the resale of your property.
Keep in mind that the whole process of acquiring a property can be done from a distance. We look after everything. A dream come true, isn’t it?


Which real estate project in Mauritius to consider?

Which type of property to invest in?

We offer our customers prestigious properties carefully selected by our team. Several types of properties are available to our clients:

  • Studios
  • House
  • Villa
  • Apartment
  • Penthouse
  • New projects

What type of project for a real estate investment?

  • To become an owner and acquire your primary residence or your secondary residence
  • To make a profitable rental property investment
  • To prepare for retirement
  • To diversify your patrimony
  • To get additional income
  • For tax exemption
  • To benefit from tax advantages on your rental investment
  • For a property development project
  • For a purchase-resale of property

Our mission is to allow you to enjoy the unique advantages of real estate investments in Mauritius in a secure way.



In recent years, Mauritius has attracted more and more investors. Indeed, this beautiful island in addition to having breathtaking landscapes also benefits from a stable political climate, an interesting geographical location and an economic stability which makes it favorable to investments.


Dutch, French and then British occupied, Mauritius has been independent since 1968. Nowadays, this country has established itself as one of the most dynamic economies in Africa. With an economy originally based on sugar cane industry, it has managed to diversify considerably over the years. Today, it focuses mainly on services, textile products and the financial sector. The country’s economic development is partly due to the stable political situation and the government’s desire to attract foreign investors. Mauritius benefits from a vision often cited as an example thanks to its exceptional environment.

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Mauritius benefits from an advantageous fiscal environment for foreigners and mainly for French citizens who wish to invest in the real estate industry.
Taxation that does not exceed 15%
No capital gain tax
No house or property tax
No dividend tax or ISF
No property tax
No housing tax
No inheritance tax
No double taxation
A flat tax of only 15% on rental income


Foreigners can acquire certain properties in Mauritius thanks to different schemes made available to them:

Invest in Mauritius thanks to IRS, RES, PDS, R + 2 and Smart City Schemes

The 5 real estate investment schemes in Mauritius provide easy access to properties. The PDS exists since 2016 and regroups both the IRS and RES. The Property Development Scheme offers foreigners the possibility to acquire a villa or an apartment in Mauritius, without restrictions on surface area or property value while including new real estate projects, modern and technological projects and access to state-of-the-art, luxurious properties… Keep in mind that in order to get your resident permit status, you have to make a minimum investment of $ 500,000, or € 428,000.The Real Estate Scheme and the Integrated Resort Scheme, predecessors of the PDS are still applicable to property complexes delivered before 2016. They each have their own specificities, but also offer the Mauritian resident status through purchase of a property with a minimum value of $ 500,000.

Buy a villa or apartment in Mauritius

Specialized in consulting for real estate investments in Mauritius, Leading Luxury Home will guide you through the purchasing process while guaranteeing a secure environment.
You will be seduced by the selection of properties and programs accessible to foreigners carefully selected by our team and you will be advised by our local business partners (Tax lawyers, business lawyers, financial study, authorizations and permits …). We take care of your project. Our team speaks English, French and Russian.

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